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Workshop: Liquid Bronze

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At this seminar you can try your hand at casting bronze objects. For two days our instructors will teach you the secrets of turning two soft metals, Copper and Tin, into bronze, which is substantially harder. This fascinating material is the first metal that was used during the Bronze Age for the production of weapons, tools and jewelry. To begin, each participant makes their own mould. You can choose between different replicas of Bronze Age artifacts, or bring your own ideas, whether it is a sickle for harvesting herbs, some jewellry or something we haven’t thought of...

Then it gets really hot: together we fire up our clay forge to 1,200 °C and melt copper and tin into liquid bronze. This is then poured into the prepared mould.

Finally, it is important to elicit the beautiful and shiny gold surface from the cast object. With instructions on how to post-process the raw cast, each participant succeeds in creating an individual, unique item.

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Cost: EUR 185 (incl. admission, material and tools)