Thit Birk Petersen mag. art.

Museum Curator

Thit Birk Petersen (1984) has studied Prehistoric Archaeology at University of Copenhagen and specialised in medieval castles in Denmark. She also studied ”Battlefield and conflict archaeology” at University of Glasgow.  She graduated in 2012. After graduating she worked as an archaeologist for a number of years, in 2016 she was hired as the curator of Middelaldercentret. She is in charge of interpretation and education.

She has more than 20 years of experience in re-enactment and living history and has a lifelong passion for teaching the public about our common past via live interpretation and communication.
She started as a volunteer in 1997 at Middelaldercentret/ The Medieval Centre in Denmark at the age of 13, which lead her to study archaeology and alongside her studies working as an archaeologist at digs and as a guide and live interpreter at The Open-Air Museum in Lyngby (Denmark) and doing all sorts of re-enactment and living history (from the Middle aAges to WWII).  She has participated in all kinds of live interpretation from pop up events, over historical fashion shows and historical dinners to direct 1. Person interpretation at archaeological open-air museums.

In 2012 she founded the group “Forum-Historicum” which is a group specialising in making pop up living history events on a volunteer basis. In 2020 she founded the Facebook group ”Take a walk in your historical costume – support living history”, to support the museums during lockdown. She has a fascination and urge to take interpretation and living history out of the traditional setting and meet the public where they are.