2022 August: A Sustainable Revolution for Open-Air Museums, ICOM Prague

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EXARC invites you to a session during the ICOM General Conference in Prague. We are in a unique position where our teaching of the past offers our visitors lessons for the future; we are more relevant than ever. How to develop the strength of open-air museums by building partnerships with other organisations? How can open-air museums become leaders in sustainable solutions? How can we change internally, support others and eventually lead the way? How can the virtual world add to the real-life world? All in all, we need to re-imagine our museums and adapt to change.

EXARC joins the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and their triennial meeting in Prague 22-28 August (https://prague2022.icom.museum). This will be a hybrid conference which attracts thousands of international museum professionals. ​There will be a part exclusively for ICOM and its conference participants, while EXARC will broadcast a larger free and open access program around that, as you may remember of our successful EAC World Tour conference last year. By linking our online Conference: "A Sustainable Revolution for Open-Air Museums" with the ICOM General Conference, we will reach a large group of interested museum professionals plus a good number of people who follow EXARC already. 


You can find the accepted abstracts here.
Note there are two sessions, one for ICOM only, with 3 presentations from 14:00-15:30h (CET), and open access session starting at 16:00h (CET)


ICOM only - Monday, 22 August, 2022

14:00 - 15:30
(MET Berlin / Johannesburg)
The EXARC session during the ICOM General Conference in Prague
14:00 Opening words 
Dr Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC, Middelaldercentret (DK) 
14:15 Paper 1: Sustainability in Open-Air Museums - EXARC's Quadripartite Approach
Peter Inker, Colonial Williamsburg (US)
14:35 Paper 2: Sustainability in Museums
Sofia A. Daenen, EXARC (NL)
14:55 Paper 3: Crafting a Sustainable Future – How (Archaeological) Open-Air Museums are predestined to lead the way to a green revolution
Julia Heeb, Stadtmuseum Berlin (DE)
(MET Berlin / Johannesburg)
live Q&A with the three speakers (tbc)

Open Access - Monday, 22 August, 2022

Session 1

Start broadcasting:
  #1 Introduction
Stefanie Ulrich, PhD candidate, EXARC (NL)
Hotspot Presentation:
Anita Radini
, Ancient Dust Busters (UK)
Paper 1: Crafting the Past: Extending the Visitor Experience & Transforming Museum Retail
Sarah Mané & Jenny Skillen, (AU)
Paper 2: Towards a sustainable R-Evolution. Citizen Science, Experimental Archaeology and AOAMs
Lara Comis, PhD candidate, School of Archaeology, UCD Dublin (IE)
  #2 Hotspot Presentation:
Philipa Lumsden and Joann Kane
, Heritage Hive - Inspired by the past, creating a sustainable future (UK)
Paper 3: Breathing Life Sustainably - An Abandoned Settlement to an Open-Air Museum
Naphibahun Lyngdoh (IN)
Paper 4: Creating Scotland’s most sustainable museum: Developing a new Scottish Crannog Centre for the future
Frances Houston, the Scottish Crannog Centre (UK)
Hotspot Presentation:
Ronja Lau
, Introduction to the Förderverein Museumsdorf Düppel e. V. (DE)
Paper 5: Plow on - contribution of Agricultural Museums and Living History Farms for (re)connecting the public to agriculture, food systems and the environment
Claus Kropp, Lauresham Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology (DE)
Debra Reid, The Henry Ford (US)
Paper 6: ‘Mud huts’ or ‘eco-houses’? When archaeology meets sustainable architecture
Caroline Nicolay, Pario Gallico (UK)
Session 1: Live Questions & Answers

Session 2

Start broadcasting:
  #4 Hotspot Presentation: The Scottish Crannog Centre's Plans for the Future
Rich Hiden,The Scottish Crannog Centre (UK)
Paper 7: Sustainable experimental heritage experience - building a bridge to the Vikings 
Ulla Cordtz, Christiansborg Palace /National Museum (DK)
Paper 8: The Stone Age becomes sustainable - Experiences from being an educational partner for sustainable development for more than 15 years
Dr. Rüdiger Kelm, Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf / AÖZA (DE)
Paper 9: Seeds of Change: Open Air Museums and the 'Open Access Seeds' Revolution
Anita Radini, Department of Archaeology, University of York (UK)
  #5 Hotspot Presentation:
Claus Kropp
, Networking in agriculture? A Year on the Field as a possible way of transnational and interdisciplinary cooperation (DE)
Paper 10: Plowing New Ground: Digital Preservation of Historic Farming Skills
Edward Schultz, Historic Farmer, Colonial Williamsburg (US)
Paper 11: A Voice for Archaeology in Engaging Museum Audiences with the Climate Crisis
Jess Collins (UK)
  #6 Hotspot Presentation:
Anita Radini
, Ryedale Textile Living Laboratories - Generating knowledge by regenerating land (UK)
Paper 12: A Broader Understanding of Sustainability for Museums
Kate Shear (UK)
Paper 13: Using And Managing Historical Resources In Achieving Sustainable Community Development: Case Study Of Al Mudhif Project In Philadelphia
Yaroub Al Obaidi (US)
Session 2: Live Questions & Answers 

Closing words