2022 May: A Sustainable Revolution for Open-Air Museums, Butser Ancient Farm, UK

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EXARC & Butser Ancient Farm invite you to a conference at Butser Ancient Farm in southern England. 2022 is Butser's 50th birthday. We will explore the future for Open-Air Museums with presentations from a range of speakers. The questions we will be talking about will include how to develop the strength of open-air museums by building partnerships with other organisations. We will also consider how open-air museums can become leaders in sustainable solutions. We will discuss how can we change internally, support others and eventually lead the way. We will include site and materials management but we look forward to hearing more examples from around the world. We are in a unique position where our teaching of the past offers our visitors lessons for the future, so we are more relevant than ever before. But looking at our own strengths is not enough, we have to develop and find our audience where they feel comfortable, which means we should also, but not exclusively go online. How can the virtual world add to the real-life world? All in all, we need to re-imagine our museums and adapt to change.