2022 August: A Sustainable Revolution for Open-Air Museums, ICOM Prague - Guidelines for Authors

The conference is divided into two section, both will take place online. One section is limited to paying ICOM members, the other one is open access, using the EXARC website, YouTube and the Discord Platform. The website is the central point, YouTube is where all videos will be broadcasted, and Discord is for the  interaction.

You will send us your pre-recorded video presentation which EXARC will then process. We will spend about 5 hours on every video presentation before it is ready to go online. To make it run as smoothly as possible, please adhere to the following guidelines.

Images for PR of your presentation

Soon we will also be posting speaker intros on social media, we look forward to introducing you all. We would like to receive from each of you a few images related to your presentation which we are allowed to use in social media, the website et cetera. Please send us your images before June 1. Please ensure that anything you share with us is copyright-safe. We will return these images to you when they are formatted, so you can share them on your own social media accounts announcing your presentation.

Your Video

Papers should be a video of maximum 15 minutes and hotspot presentations maximum 10 minutes. Your presentation should best be in 16:9 format. Presentation files should be sent to info@exarc.net by June 20 in order to be included in the conference. These must be sent as links via a download service (wetransfer, dropbox, onedrive, google drive, etc.) and not attachments.

The video of the open-access part will be shared on YouTube and remains available after the conference. This means that not a single bit of copyright-sensitive material should be included.

The official language for the conference is English, and that should be the language you use in your video. If you feel your English is not good enough, you can ask somebody to be your voice over, or we can find somebody who will lend their voice. We will include subtitles in English and for that we require you to deliver an exact transcript of your spoken text. Inaccuracies (especially extra speech) complicate the formatting of subtitles, so please make sure your transcript matches your spoken text verbatim.  We can also include subtitles in other languages, but if you want to use that service, we need (a) a script in your own language and (b) a volunteer from your side who understands that language.

Creating pre-recorded presentations

If for any reason you need help with the recording of your presentation, please do not hesitate to reach out. Please understand that any material you share should be copyright-safe as the conference will be open access and the video presentations will remain on YouTube after the conference. Presentations can be sent as separate files, which we will compile into a video for you. If you would like for us to compile your presentation into a video, we need several files from you:

  1. Audio of yourself reading the paper (using a mobile phone to record this is fine, and the free apps Dolby On for android or Apple Voice Memo for iPhone are good tools for this);
  2. Your slides (powerpoint or pdf are both acceptable. If you have embedded media such as videos or audio, please send these as separate files as well, so that we have the full resolution in our video processing);
  3. Your paper’s transcript (This is to create subtitles on the final video so that the conference is more accessible. Please ensure that you include notes of when slides should be advanced or media should be played).

If you are comfortable with creating a video of your paper yourself, please refer to the guidelines recommended by YouTube, available here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/4603579?hl=en.

EXARC has previously hosted a conference using this format. If you would like to have a look at the papers, they can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqWUT1pOFU1Ox4MlTYdIm6QtckcE69uz-.

Your online presence required

EXARC uses Discord for a live Q&A between each author and the public. Each paper will be released on YouTube according to the presentation schedule, and when it is time for question and answer sessions attendees will be able to pose their questions to you in a dedicated text channel. For this purpose, you need to be present and ready. Our Q&A moderators will read questions aloud on the audio channel where the respective author can respond. We will schedule one-on-one sound checks with each author during the weeks before the conference in order to ensure you are comfortable with the platform and ready for your Q&A session.

Publication of Conference Proceedings

We will be publishing proceedings of the conference in the EXARC Journal, a peer-reviewed open access journal. It will look something like this: https://exarc.net/journal/proceedings-EAC11. We will have a deadline of mid-November, and another mid-January for manuscript submissions, publication is foreseen for four months after each deadline.