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Förderverein Burg Hofraite e.V. (DE)

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The non-profit association Burg Hofraite e. V. operates the motte and bailey project as a contribution to the development of the history of the settlement situation in the middel of germany. The aim is not to reconstruct a previously existing castle, but to gain knowledge of medieval building techniques, tools, building materials, etc. with the help of experimental archaeology. techniques and materials are used and tested that allow conclusions to be drawn about building techniques of the 11th century. In order to meet the requirements of experimental archaeology, the entire process from planning to final completion will be scientifically accompanied and documented.


The castle is an excellent addition and extension of the archaeological and museum landscape of Wetterau. Experimental archeology always offers an exciting link between the scientific acquisition of knowledge and the broad transfer of knowledge. School classes from the area should be able to experience life in the Middle Ages as a supplement to history lessons. Families should be able to go on “excursions into the Middle Ages” at any time without having to forego authenticity.
Middle Ages enthusiasts will have the opportunity to get actively involved and deepen their knowledge.

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