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Les Fabri Tignuarii (FR)

Member of EXARC since

The Fabri Tignuarii association is specialised in the restitution of ancient building sites.


We focus mainly on the period from the end of the 1st century AD to the beginning of the 3rd century AD, which represents, in Gaul and the neighbouring regions, the building impetus that endowed the towns with substantial public buildings and the countryside with sumptuous villae. We aim to reconstruct these buildings, the way they were erected, as well as the tools and knowledge which were necessary, so as to obtain durable and credible results. The craftsmen who make up our team have been trained for more than 10 years in the restoration of historical monuments. They in turn train the workers of tomorrow. Our university degrees in history, archaeology and building archaeology enable us to restore and reconstruct archaeological remains while respecting ancient building techniques. We also propose that these resto rations be available in the form of educational workshops.


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