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Mos Maiorvm (IT)

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MOS MAIORVM is a cultural non-profit association of persons, based in Rome Italy, whose interest it is to study history, perform historical reconstructions and do re-enactment of the Roman period from the IV to the I century BC. We apply our studies to all the aspects of the Roman civilization – military, civil and religious - but also with a keen interest in other Italic archaic peoples.


Rome, in the first centuries of its long history, was just one of the many cities of central Italy struggling for hegemony - as well as for survival. 

In our opinion, this is the most fascinating and interesting period, which unfolds through the interactions with other contemporary people of the italic peninsula, those “neighbouring tribes” (like the Etruscans, Latins, Sabines, Volscians, Equi, Ernici, Falisci, Marsi, or Samnites) with whom Rome made alliances from time to time or merged - thus expressing a strong and early vocation to diplomacy - or went to war, when diplomacy failed or interest prevailed.

But what we like most of primitive Rome is beyond any doubt its ability to consider the differences not as obstacles but as opportunities to explore and exploit. We always keep this spirit in mind in our community life.

At MOS MAIORVM, in this broad historical context, we have divided our activities into several projects, in house or realized in collaboration with partner associations; each project aims to examine and, in our intent, "bring back to life" different realities of Italy in the antiquity.


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