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Emma 'Bruni' Boast MA

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United Kingdom

Hello Everyone,

I graduated in 2012 from the University of York with an MA in Medieval Archaeology. My professional focus is on the Archaeology of the Viking Age in the British Isles, concentrating on Viking Age Burial practices. My MA thesis was on the 'Viking Shield in the British Isles' with elements of experimental archaeology forming the prelude to that work. Since then I have focused my attention on the Viking Age application of Nålbinding-single needle knitting and started my own historical craft business Nidavellnir Nalbinding in 2013; teaching, demonstrating and giving lectures on Nålbinding. With over 15+ years’ experience working in archaeology and the heritage sector, I am a passionate Viking Age Living History Interpreter, Archaeologist and Reenactor, as well as a Heritage Consultant.

In March 2019, I wrote the research proposal for the Heritage Craft Association in the UK for Nalbinding. Nålbinding has now been listed as an Endangered Heritage Craft for the first time in the UK. As such Nidavellnir and myself are the UK's leading Nalbinding Craft Specialist.

As of November 2020, I am now running my Nidavellnir Nalbinding Etsy shop full time and generating research and teaching materials in this field as a full time Heritage Crafter.

I have platforms for my 'Nalbinding for Beginners' Starter Kit, Book and Digital Downloads over on my 'Nidavellnir' Etsy Shop. As well as being a Member of the Heritage Craft Association UK  and Guild of Mastercraftsman UK.

Always looking to meet other like-minded heritage crafters and experimental archaeologists through EXARC. Always working on projects Viking-Age and Heritage craft related Projects as an Independent Researcher. More than happy to discuss future projects and collaborative work, please do get intouch.