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In Borg in Lofoten, archaeologists have excavated the longest Viking house ever found in the world of the Vikings. Close by the original site, the longhouse has been reconstructed in its full size. The longhouse is open to visitors all year. Find more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXIbNsCCzKE

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Reconstructed longhouse from nearby find
The finds in and around the longhouse and in the vicinity all tell us that the people of Lofotr must have been mighty and powerful. The Chieftains seat got their income from fishing, farming and trading. 
The 83-metre-long building has been divided into the rooms as we know from the original site; living quarters, banquet hall/feasting hall, storage room, stable for farm animals. Each of the rooms has been given their original functions – except the stable. Visitors may watch demonstrations of handcraft, see the woodcarvings, textiles and other decorations and feel the atmosphere of the longhouse. During summer, lamb stew is served in the banquet hall, and visitors may ask questions and talk to our Viking craftsmen/-women and guides. They are all dressed in Viking costumes. 
In the former stable, an exhibition of the beliefs of the Vikings is mounted. The exhibition is based on Yggdrasil, the world serpent Midgardsormen, the wells at the foot of Yggdrasil – and more. 
Guides and craftspeople from various European countries are at work through the year. Demonstrations of craftwork vary through the season, with summer as the busiest time of the year.

Exhibition halls and film
In the archaeological exhibition halls, visitors can learn about the finding and excavation of Borg. Short videos with interviews of archaeologists/professors take you through the amazing find. The archaeological exhibition displays unique finds and the 12-min film «Dreaming of Borg» let you embark on a time trip, more than 1000 years back in time. Guests use their own smartphones to connect to the audio guide system with 6 available languages (2019). In the Viking Chieftain longhouse, as many as 10 different languages may be spoken by the guides and craftspeople during summer. 

Viking ship reconstructed boathouse and forge
By the museum, the Viking ship «Vargfotr» is moored in the Viking ship harbour during spring, summer and early autumn. From mid-June til end of August you may not only see the Viking ship but even get onboard to take part in rowing of sailing! 
The museum has two Viking ships, a smaller boat and a reconstructed boathouse by the seaside. The boathouse is large enough to hold our larger ship «Lofotr» (full-size replica of Gokstad ship). 
The smaller boat, a «five oar boat» (femkeiping) is a replica of one of the small boats on the Oseberg Viking ship. The larger Vikingship, Lofotr, is often seen sailing the seas around Lofoten (no commercial use/no passengers allowed)

Activities for the family
By the sea and the boathouse, there is a forge/smithy. During summer, the blacksmith is working the forge different projects. On the nearby activity area for children and adults, you can try your hand at archery, axe-throwing and other Viking activities. 

Farm animals
In the large outdoor areas of the museum, farm animals of old races are grazing. Horses, wild boars, wild sheep and the Nordland cow – they are all very cute and popular. 

Museum gift shop
A well-stocked museum gift shop is open all year, offering textiles, ceramics, jewellery, toys, clothing, books and much more.

Museum café
Viking ingredients turn out in new ways, offering hungry travellers a real meal or a quick bite. During summer, several places in the museum area are available for food and drinks. 

Viking feasts - Viking style meals/dinners
Every evening there is a Viking feast available for individual travellers. For groups we arrange the event they wish for, whether it is a lunch, a full scale dinner – or a Viking feast as we call it, a snack or a different type of meal. The Viking feasts are meals that are followed by storytelling, music or different «entertainment» and really let you travel back in time. Discover more about Viking feast on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMiXjz4CupI&t=19s

Lofotr Viking festival
Every year in August, the 5 day Viking festival is held. 120-150 Vikings (reenactors, craftspeople, artists), market, fights, musical and theatrical performances, sailing the Viking ship, craftwork demonstrations, workshops, lectures, games and fun – it is a big attraction to both locals and tourists. See more on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRKcTmMBzQU

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