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Ulvsborg Historisk Værksted (DK)

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Ulvsborg Historisk Værksted (historic workshop) is an initiative of an association. After picking up a lot of experience at places like Düppel (DE), Ukranenland (DE), Gross Raden (DE), Lejre (DK) and Trelleborg (DK), at the end of the 1990s, the idea was taken up to construct a fortified farm like important farmers would have had in the period 1050-1250 AD, which in Denmark is referred to as Late Viking Age or Early Middle Ages.

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Ulvsborg is a nonprofit foundation, funded to educate the early medieval period to the public. We do this with a variety of activities like school visits, sleepovers, reconstructions, events, historic crafts and an open-air museum. Our activities are both at Ulvsborg but also at different historic venues. Here are small lakes, farmland, wood, and wetland. In this beautiful landscape the open-air museum takes place in a reconstructed farm from the 12th century containing a big farmhouse and for the being 4 smaller houses. The focus is on daily life at the lords’ keep and the most prominent clan in Danish history: "Hviderne". By letting the guests help with daily duties and bigger tasks such as building the missing parts of the farm, we try to give them a feeling of the past.

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