Alamannen-Museum Vörstetten (DE)

Between the Black Forest and Kaiserstuhl, conveniently located just outside Freiburg, lies the community Vörstetten. In an open-air museum on the northern outskirts of the idyllic half-timbered village, young and old can go on a journey back in time to late antiquity - more precisely in the 4th and 5th century AD.

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This was the time when the Romans still ruled on the left side of the Rhine in present-day Alsace and a group calling themselves alamanni settled down in Breisgau.

On more than 4,000 square metres, history becomes an experience. Based on archaeological excavations, visitors can see a completely reconstructed homestead from the early Alemannic period.

Inviting to learn, discover and marvel, one can visit the residential house, a storage building, a pit house, an artisan’s house, the forge and pottery workshops, oven, fountains as well as show gardens with old crops, dye plants and herbs and a pagan place of worship.

In the museum building original finds and replicas can be seen, special exhibitions as well as more information on the topics "From grain to bread" and "In the beginning was the fire".

How did the Alemanni live and work? How did they dress? Performers in Alamannic appearance captivate the big and small guests at the museum events with jewelry making, woodturning, pottery, blacksmithing, fire making and much more: Experience how the everyday life of the Brisigavi from 1600 years back comes to new life!


Photo Copyright: Michael Arendt

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