Älgklanens Viste - Glösa (SE)

The first humans came to Jämtland for about 8000 years ago and they came from Norway. The Glösa area is famous for its 6,000 year old rock carvings. In the Glös Hall you can sense the shamans spirit combined with the moose’s.

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The exhibition presents the belief and thoughts of the Stone Age people. You can see Glösa in a long time perspective – see the moose carved in the rock and how the Stone Age People created images in Jämtland and the North.

Outside, in the Moose Clan’s Camp (Älgklanens viste) you will find the place where Stone Age people would gather each Summer for big feasts. You will see there is much to experience in the camp. The Stone Age hut is a thorough reconstruction. The length, width and shape are exactly the same dimensions as the so called fire-cracked stone wall, excavated at Åkerån, 40 kilometres to the northeast. The up going construction is completely made of birch wood and bark. The design with three feet at each end is ancient. The Moose Hall is a banquet and exhibition hall. This the moose celebrations of each Autumn start and end.


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