Archäologiepark Schwarzenbach (AT)

The site Schwarzenbach-Burg in der Buckligen Welt is known between archaeologists since the 1920s. The excavations after 1992, coordinated by Wolfgang Neubauer, are a focal point for VIAS, the Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science. Here at Schwarzenbach an oppidum or Celtic reinforced settlement was built.

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This project is as interdisciplinary as they get. A watchtower was erected from which you have a great overview over the ex-settlement.
Since 2002, the Celtic life gets a lot of attention, one the one hand by the construction of 7 Iron Age like buildings, focussing on the 2nd and 1st century BC. Besides that, there are Celtic Events (June) which at some occasions have included presentations of scientists, showing “how we know what we know”. The event has grown more important than just for locals, attracting a large number of visitors every year.

Regional development and regional identity are important here. The own website is extensive, about the archaeological research of the site, the newly constructed houses and the event. Cooperation with the archaeologists has been intensive from the beginning and has continued ever since of which published articles are one of the results. It is important to share the story about the past as far as known here and to make people conscious of it. Besides that, obviously this reconstructed site and the activities are important to tourism of which not only the local restaurants benefit.

Picture by Celtovation


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