Archeologicke museum v prirode Liptovska Mara-Havranok (SK)

In the area of Havránok and Liptovská Mara, archaeological research is ongoing since 1965, led by Dr Karol Pieta form the Institute of Archaeology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

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To preserve archaeological remains in situ and to present archaeology to the public, an archaeological open air museum was established on the 20th anniversary of the excavations in 1985, making this the first archaeological open air museum in Slowakia. 1992, the area was announced National cultural monument. The museum is best known for its Iron Age hill fort gate. Long-term experiments are focused on the dilapidation of the buildings constructed from traditional materials. Apart from these, the experimental pottery burning in the replica of La Tène Period kiln is taking place approximately once a year.
The Archaeological Open air Museum Liptovská Mara-Havránok is part of the Liptov Museum in Ružomberok.


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