Archeopark Chotebuz-Podobora (CZ)

The Archeopark Chotěbuz-Podobora is a national cultural monument due to the archaeological remains, still partly unexcavated. Long term excavations are carried out by the local Muzeum Těšínska in cooperation with the ASCR in Brno led by Doc. PhDr. Paul Kouril, CSc. The Archeopark is one of the 14 departments of the Muzeum Těšínska.

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The area was an important site in Silesia, first between 800 – 400 BC, then again in Slavic times. As part of the archaeological reservation, since 2005, an archeological open air museums is being constructed. It depicts the Slavic phase of use of Hradisko (8th – 10th Century AD). The fortification is reconstructed (complete with gate and watch tower), as well as residential buildings and workshops. A visitor gets the opportunity to look into the everyday lives of our ancestors in the past. Regularly, demonstrations are given and in Summer there are cultural events, including concerts and living history.

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