Archeopark Na Farkách (CZ)

Na Farkách in Prague-Troja is situated on a terrace overlooking the river Vltava. Archaeological research (1966-1973) over a surface of 35 hectares revealed this area was inhabited all alnong form Neolithic until the Migration Period. Just on the northeast of the present site, you will find a former brick kiln – until the beginning of the 20th century, clay was extracted here, changing the geography dramatically.

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This plot of land was cultivated agricultural land until the wide area around was developed in 1973 onward into an urban quarters with tower blocks of flats, now overlooking the site.

In 1996, Dr. Ivana Pleinerová of the Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Sciences initiated building an Archeopark here. Dr. Pleinerová had previously been involved in the “Skansen Březno u Loun” which is described elsewhere at this website. A cooperation was created between the Prague Botanical Garden and a newly established non-profit association “Reconstruction of Archaeological Structures”. The goal was to show the connection of man with nature in prehistoric times and therefore, the importance to present day.

With modern machinery, an “Iron Age” oak palisade was raised which included a gate and gallery. Within the palisade, there was a cult area. The Archeopark was for many years used for non-recurring events on a low scale. In about 2000, a non-profit organisation of Prague archaeologists (Experiencia) got involved by organising several days with demonstrations of prehistoric technology. In the years 2005 – 2009, the palisade and other constructions gradually decayed due to a lack of maintenance and finally all structures were taken down. There just was no time and money anymore although there is a nearby school for teachers as well as a primary school. It has never been turned into the playground and educational facilities for the kids from the tower blocks which overlook it.


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