Archeopark Netolice (CZ)

The Archeopark at Netolice was financed by INTERREG IIIA in a cooperation with the Archäologisches Erlebnispark Gabreta. The site of the park was an old castle site – an archaeological monument, one of the main centres of power in Southern Bohemia from the 10th to the mid 13th century.

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The Archaeopark in Netolice is built gradually and with the intention of building a credible presentation of landscape details of this magical place.

With the emergence of the Přemyslid state in the 10th century, we see the oldest administration system of the Czech state. Netolice was by then an important administrative, military and commercial centre for a large part of South Bohemia at the crossroads of several trade routes between Austria and Bavaria.

The first phase of construction of the Archeopark was finished in 2006 and contained a sample fortification with wooden towers. To this complex, more buildings are added such as visitor centre, housing demonstrations, craft workshops, a palace and an early medieval version of the St John’s church. In the cellars of the medieval castle, exhibition rooms are prepared showing the history of the castle and surroundings. When building the archaeological based dwellings, there is eye for detail in order to come to a credible presentation. However, the site is not only meant for research, but serves as well educational purposes and goal is to show the importance the site used to have in Middle Ages.

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