Archeopark Zelazne Korzenie (PL)

The Muzeum Przyrody i Techniki Ekomuzeum “im. Jana Pazdura” (the Museum of Nature and Technology) in Starachowice has strong connections with the ground braking research on iron smelting sites of M. Radwan and K. Bielenin which beginning is dated on 1955.

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Just outside the museum, an original settlement Roman period is located in a ravine surrounded by vegetation, isolated from modern space. In this isolated spot, one created in 2001 the chance for meeting with steelworkers and learn about their daily life. Under the phrase “Iron Roots” (Żelazne Korzenie), from 2001, children can visit an outdoor reconstructed iron production workshop: iron smelting kilns, a charcoal pile for burning charcoal, an ore mining tunnel and the entrance to the dwelling of the ancient metallurgists.

For the Iron Roots projects, in 2004 the museum began the construction of an Archeopark, where a number of workshops and presentations about iron production are made, both the way it was in the Iron Age as well as medieval ironworks (Minera Starzechowska) will be shown.

The Archeopark is settled in the south - eastern part of the Museum, near the so-called “Dolne Kanał Technologicznego” (the lower technology channel), surrounded by thickly wooded dumps containing different varieties of iron ore, once used by the Blast Furnace Team of Starachowice. The inspiration for the creation of this base are the results of archaeological research in the region and European archaeological open air museums.


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