Archéosite de Blangy (FR)

Following decades of archaeological excavation in the Talou region (reported about 1,000 archaeological sites), local archaeologists and enthusiasts founded Fatra (Fédération des Archeologues du Talou et des Régions Avoisinantes) in 1999.

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They built a Merovingian like village called Archéosite at Blangy-sur-Bresle, initially for experimental purposes. Goal is to promote archaeology and by showing the importance of the archaeological heritage, to foster understanding for it and therefore safeguards its protection.

The Archéosite is situated next to the Manoir de Fontaine, a 16th century manor which houses an exhibition of archaeological finds of the Talou region. The reconstructed Merovingian houses outside are based on local finds and have domestic areas as well as crafts’ workshops. The Archéosite often has living history, events and experimental archaeology demonstrations.

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