Archéosite de Montans (FR)

Created in 1995, the Archéosite de Montans concentrates more than 200 years of archaeological discoveries on its territory. Located in the heart of the millennial vineyard of Gaillac, the museum evokes mainly the formidable destiny of a small Gallic village becoming one of the largest ceramic centers of the Roman Empire.

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Through its collections, its treasure room and the life-size reconstruction of a street and a Roman house, the Archéosite invites you to a real journey back in time to meet the Gallo-Roman potters and their famous terra sigillata ceramics which, produced at Montans, were exported throughout the Atlantic seaboard; a very lucrative business as illustrated in the treasure room the monetary deposit of 40 gold coins, while the wine amphora, italic and Gallic, can evoke the origins of the history of wine in Gaul.

Throughout the year, the Archéosite offers visitors to participate in fun and educational activities and also participates in several renowned national events. In the spring, an exceptional week allows you to relive the great moments of antiquity, with demonstrations and experiments led by a troupe of pageant. The Archéosite also has a conservation and research center for researchers.


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