Archéosite de Pont Croix 1358 (FR)

The Archéosite de Pont Croix 1358 presents everyday life in Brittany in the middle of the 14th century. The site is managed by an association for historical reconstruction. For 10 years, we are interested in the period 1340-1360 and in addition to our military company, we decided in 2015 to embark on the adventure of building a Breton village.

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We recreate homes, crafts houses and military structures, to create a complete visit to a village reconstructed from this time. We build the buildings with materials from nearby, the wood comes from the trees of the nearby forest and the clay for the mud walls is extracted at the village. We only use reconstructed tools for our constructions in order to better understand the problems encountered then.

The site opens every day in July and August from 14:00h until 18:30h. 


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