Archéosite Les Rues-des-Vignes (FR)

In the "Nord" départment, you will find a Gaul / Merovingian / Carolingian “archéosite”. Following archaeological research in the area, this archaeological open air museum came into existence in 1982.

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The main goals for this museum, run by the local government are to promote the local archaeological heritage and experimental archaeology. The main plans and support are by archaeologists Gaillard and Florin.

An important step is the construction (since 2005) of a Carolingian style village by the “Club de Vieux Manoir “. The preceding Merovingian period is represented by a necropolis, a barn and workshops while of the late Roman Era, there is a cellar partially rebuilt from the original, and two connected areas that have been reconstructed for handcraft activity. Visitors may walk around and explore the area individually or take a guided tour. Several events are listed, like the St John’s celebrations at Midsummer and the wine celebrations in September.

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