Asagı Pınar Open-Air Museum (TR)

Aşağı Pınar is a Neolithic site in Eastern Thrace located in the town of Kırklareli 300 m south of the main Bus centre on the road to Asilbeyli village. The site was recovered by M. Özdoğan in 1980. The excavations began in 1993 as a joint Project of İstanbul University and the German Archaeological Institute; since than extensive areas have been exposed revealing an uninterrupted sequence from Early Neolithic, ca. 6200 BC to Middle Neolithic ca. 4700 BC...

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Excavations have now been concentrated on the northern sector of the site, where the earliest settlement was established. The rest of the site has been designed as an open-air museum comprising of distinct units. Among them three traditional cruck-like buildings transported from the Istranca mountains have been designed with models to display the Neolithic way of life at Aşağı Pınar. Among other units experimental archaeological area, traditional crafts, training centre, natural environment of Neolithic Thrace and Time Tunnel, some of them have been finalised, other are under construction. The open-air museum is open to visitors during the excavation season, during other times by appointment with the local NGO (Kırklareli Kültür Varlıkları Derneği).


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