Natur- & KulturWerkstatt Bajuwarengehöft Mattsee (SL) (AT)

In 488 AD, the command came from Rome for all Romans to withdraw to Italy: the end of the West Roman Empire. From different areas groups of people started occupying territory in the Salzburger Land. They formed the people called Bavarii (Bajuwaren) with their own dukes, the Agolfinger with Regensburg as residence and their own laws which played an important role until the 14th century. The Bavarii held a part as large as Old Bavaria, a large part of Austria and South Tirol. They were dependent of the Franks since 595.

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In 1988, one of the Austrian large exhibitions (Landesausstellung) took place by the title "Die Bajuwaren von Severin bis Tassilo 488 – 788" – this was visited by 300,000 people and it included on Mattsee a Bavarian Village (Bajuwarengehöft). After the exhibition, they served local associations for smaller or larger events but not much happened with it until 2008 the Association People’s Work (Verein MenschenWerk) made an offer to get the place back to life again. The Village was transferred from the municipality to the association for purposes of revitalising and being used.

The site is now known as Nature and Culture workshop (Natur- und KulturWerkstatt Bajuwarengehöft Mattsee). It is a place for people to meet, with activities regarding crafts, environment or art and social learning people are invited to take part. Local and regional resources are brought in touch with each other and offers for children are developed regarding nature and crafts. The village is used for events and meetings of associations in and around Mattsee which regard nature / environment and culture. In the village, sheep are kept, a bread oven is made and in use, people are learning how to thatch roofs, there are workshops in basketry et cetera.


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