Bodrifty Roundhouse (UK)

At the far southwest of England lies Cornwall. One of its fishing ports is Penzance. In the area near Penzance lies Bodrifty Farm, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the English Channel on the other. In the 1950s, 8 Iron Age roundhouses were excavated in this enclosed moorland, within a low enclosing bank.

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Besides that, some Bronze Age pottery was found, indicating habitation in that period as well. The Cornish mines in this area were important in Bronze Age due to its tin sources, a material which was exported as far away as to the Mediterranean.

The earlier houses were small and had doorways facing south-west; the larger later houses had doorways facing south-east, towards the sun but away from the prevailing winds. Fragments of banks, perhaps walls of gardens or animal pens, are attached to some houses. The surrounding enclosure wall was probably built to protect their cattle and sheep. Part of the walls of the excavated roundhouses has been conserved and reconstructed.

The roundhouse reconstructed is built with much attention for details of the Iron Age house on site. It is at present in use to educate children and others in local Prehistoric culture.

Bodrifty Farm is privately owned and run, and adjacent to the historical reconstruction there is a cottage and a campsite that welcomes tourists. The archaeological site and reconstruction roundhouse are on private land and are open courtesy of the owners.


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