Can Sadurni Horitzo 30 (ES)

The Cave of Can Sadurnì is one of the most exciting sites of European prehistory. Excavations have been carried out for over thirty years. Now, with the crisis, they encounter difficulties. The Archaeological Open-Air Museum project is intended to support and provide interpretation for this amazing site.

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The archaeological stratigraphy of the cave, that bridges palaeolithic and neolithic (from about 10000 to 3000 BC), has revealed exceptional features among which the most ancient scientific proof of beer consumption (4300 BC), burials from the previously uncovered Early Cardial Neolithic (5400 aC), new DNA evidence to assess diffusionism theories during the neolithic revolution.

The Archaeological Open-Air Museum project is part of a wider project on the cave and will provide the site with an adequate interpretation centre and a (re)constructed neolithic village.


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