Celtic Village Ichenhausen (DE)

The Celtic Path takes you back to the millennium before the Romans arrived. On information boards along the way you will learn something about a people that has left no written records. You will pass original grave mounds, a so called Viereckschanze and a reconstructed Celtic homestead, Keltengehöft Ichenhausen.

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Located on the corridor between the municipalities Ichenhausen and Kammeltal a Celtic Village provides insights into the lives of the people 2500 years ago, and so to speak, at the original location, because the farm, built by the friends of culture and recreation, is surrounded by a wealth of archaeological monuments, from Celtic times.
In 2013, the first Celtic house was extended by a craftsman's house and a winterhouse, thus expanding it into a complete Celtic homestead. An audioguide tour was developed for the purposeful transfer of knowledge and independent experience of Celtic history on the Celtic Path and the Celtic homestead. In addition, information boards are created to the new buildings.

A homestead consisted of at least a residential house and a store. Reservoirs, fountains and pit houses could be added. Houses were built mainly in post construction with walls of braid and clay. The roofs were covered either with straw, reed or wooden shingles. The small house is covered with long shingles made of larch. The walls were limed, which makes the clay weather resistant and brings the interior more brightness. A house always had a fireplace, the smoke could pull off through the open gables.

Storages were preferably built on stilts. Thus, the stored grains were well protected from moisture and mice. In the garden grow coloring plants and herbs such as dyer's chamomile, comfrey, valerian, St. John's-wort, oregano and others. They also came wild in nature and were collected. Pit dwellings were used for craft activities such as weaving, pottery and woodworking. There were also houses made entirely of wood: either you built a log cabin or you pushed the wall planks into slotted posts.


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