Centro Algaba de Ronda (ES)

Centro Algaba de Ronda, an educational initiative for the conservation and diffusion of the historical and cultural heritage of the rural environment of the Serrania de Ronda.

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The work realised by the Centro Algaba de Ronda responds to the social need to promote the knowledge and conservation of the patrimonial wealth of the rural world, with special reference to the Serrania de Ronda, in three main areas:
1. Investigation and diffusion of historical heritage: the experimental archaeological construction of a prehistoric settlement to provide a direct and participative knowledge of Neolithic culture and environment.
2. Conservation and diffusion of rural heritage and culture via programmes for the recovery of traditional seed stock, native cattle breeds plus training and educational activities relevant to this area.
3. Raising of cultural and environmental awareness via the various programmes in the Algaba’s Centre of Education and Conferences and the Environmental Observatory.

The project addresses the need to reassess the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of one of the areas of Europe with the highest incidence of tourism. From prehistoric times to the present the environment has been closely related to the life of the societies of the region and forms part of its identity. The Algaba´s educational and cultural programmes deal directly with this relationship between man and the environment, putting the means necessary for its understanding within reach of visitors to the estate. Hundreds of students, scientific researchers and professionals from a variety of fields, both from Spain and abroad, have seen at the Algaba estate how prehistoric societies lived and have deepened their knowledge of the Mediterranean woodland through educational and training experiences related to their interests.

The evaluation made of the Algaba Project by the diverse participants and experts that have taken part in the programmes and conferences held at the estate has been positive, deeming as satisfactory the installations, the quality of the environment and the work of the staff. Evidence of the social esteem of the activities of the Algaba Centre are the prizes it has been awarded, firstly the prize for ‘best business initiative’ from the Junta de Andalucía and, secondly, the ‘GAIA’ prize, awarded by the Provincial Deputation of Malaga for work towards the conservation of biodiversity.


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