The Citadel of Baturyn Fortress (UA)

The Citadel of Baturyn Fortress is a museum-touristic establishment of the National Preserve “Hetman's capital”, which is located in the North of Ukraine, in Baturyn. The preserve is the object of the state ownership, supervised by the management of the Ministry of Culture...

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The first archaeological research of Baturyn had begun in 1995 and is still going on. Due to many years of excavations, many secrets, hidden in Baturyn soil, were unravelled. The invaluable scientific information was found, and the collection of the preserve was replenished with thousands of items of museum value. The archaeological collection became the basis for the creation of the Museum of archaeology of Baturyn that was opened in 2009.

Architectural-memorial complex "the Citadel of Baturyn fortress", built in 2008, is a full-scale reconstruction of the most fortified part of the town fortress 1669-1708., where the leaders of the Cossack state — Hetmans lived.
The authorial staff of the Institute "UkrNDIproektrestavratsiya" worked out the museumification of the complex of monuments of the Citadel on the basis of the archaeological researches, profound study of the historical sources, usage of the historical – architectural analogues in the field of the defence, cult and civil architecture of Ukraine of XVII –XVIII centuries.

The preserve conducts an active scientific work, holds international conferences and seminars. The classic guide-tours and interactive events, and festivals for different audience age are offered for visitors throughout the year.


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