The Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run (US)

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run is a living history museum that portrays family life on a small, low-income farm just prior to the Revolutionary War.

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This privately operated National Park, located in McLean, Virginia, has served more than 1.8 million visitors since it opened, and is host to increasing numbers each year.

The popularity of the Farm is due in large part to its continuing focus on authenticity and its ongoing encouragement of both child and adult visitors to participate in the daily activities of an 18th century family farm. Experiential learning is a growing trend with most museums and the Farm has been a leader in this —-for over 40 years.

The Farm has achieved national recognition for its innovative educational programming that uses the 18th-century Farm as an authentic representation of colonial agricultural history to provide perspective and context for present day life. Each year, thousands of students visit this working class farm, which recreates the life and times of a family living in northern Virginia in 1771.

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