Cultural-Historical Park "Botai - Burabay" (KZ)

The Cultural and Historical Park "Botai - Burabay" was opened in 2018 in the territory of the National Park "Burabay", located at the foot of Zheke Batyr. The initiator of the Park is Dr Seibert. The Botai culture is an eneolithic archaeological culture (c. 3,700–3,100 BC) of Kazakhstan and North Asia. 

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The Botai culture is especially interesting for research into the origin of horse domestication. They were a major user of domestic horses by about 3,500 BC. Excavations of Botai sites are ongoing. 

The park (Музей ботайской культуры «Ботай-Бурабай») consists of seven Botai Epoch type dwellings about 8-10 meters in diameter. Each of them is built on a pit of about one metre deep. Each of them has a dome constructed out of logs and is stuffed with grass and moss and covered with skins and patched over with clay, air bricks and topsoil. All dwellings are connected together by an underground passage and each dwelling is unique in its own way: one serves for ceremonies, another one for crafting; the third one has the collection of arms of the epoch, and in the neighbouring dwelling the process of kumys production is presented. Remains of similar architecture are found both in the East and in the Caucasus, in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and other regions of the Eurasian space. 

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