Dymarki Centre of Experimental Archaeology (PL)

Since 1967, in the Góry Swiętokrzyskie (Holy Cross Mountains) in the in Nowa Słupia district near Kielce, the famous Dymarki Archaeological Festival takes place. This area is well known as a huge iron production site, dating back to the Iron Age and excavated by archaeologists Radwan & Bielenin.

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The festival, annually in August, has become a large folkloristic / cultural / archaeological festival. All your through, here you will find the “Ancient Bloomery Museum of the Holy Cross Mountains”. 2004, the Dymarki Team began the construction of an Archeopark, where, in conditions analogous to the existing iron smelting remains, a number of workshops and presentations would be made. The inspiration for the creation of this park are the archaeological research in the region and European centres of experimental archaeology functioning as "outdoor museum", the so called archaeological open air museums.

There will be 11 reconstructed houses of the Przeworsk culture, a "Roman zone" with a rampart of timber and turf (representing a fragment of the "Limes"). Added to the rampart will be a watchtower (according to objects known from Vechten and Lorch), a Roman camp and of course some reconstructions of slag-pit furnace clusters with the fragment of the mined ore and places for roasting the ore and charcoal pits.


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