EmeSe Várispánság (HU)

EmeSe (European Medieval Settlement) has as main goal to promote the history and customs of the medieval Árpád-age to the wider audience with the help of professionals (archaeologists, historians, etc.) and experimental archaeology and historical reconstruction.

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We built a settlement from the 10th – 11th centuries, and through it we’d like to exhibit the everyday life of a castle and the surrounding settlement from the era of our state foundation.
Ancient Heritage foundation. Emese is a Hungarian female name, and the name of the founding mother of the royal family Árpád-house, the wife of Prince Ügek, and the mother of Prince Árpád. According to Hungarian mythology, she was sent a dream by the Turul hawk, the ancient totem animal of the Árpád-house, and in the dream a great river was flowing from her womb, which spread over foreign lands. The soothsayers interpreted this dream that she will bore a son who will lead his people out of Levedia, the ancient homeland, and his inheritors will be great kings. EmeSe teaches about living history, they do programs linked to experimental archaeology (pottery, archery, medieval swordsmanship, medieval tailoring). They also organise historical festivals, notably at the 1st of May and a Viking Festival in September.

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