Erlebnisdorf Alcmona (DE)

Between Kelheim and Dietfurt, you will find the Archaeology Park Altmühltal (APA). While preparing for the construction of the Main-Donau channel, over the years 1976-1991 the lower valley was intensively researched on archaeological remains. The fascinating finds can now be found in three nearby archaeological museums.

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Also, there is an archaeology trail of 40 kilometres long running past the old excavations and still existing archaeological monuments. Several audio points mark specials sites of interest. There is a Celtic gate reconstructed on the road, rebuilt iron smelting furnaces, a Bronze Age Tumulus. All of this you’ll find explained under

Special interest goes to a site on the archaeology train near Dietfurt, where you will find the Erlebnisdorf Alcmona. Plans are in the first stage for 17 buildings. In later phases, the idea is to expand into other time periods. The longhouse is a reconstruction from the Middle Bronze Age (about 1600 BC). 

The association Alcmona is very active and hosts many activities. In some cases, other living history groups come and visit like the Cernunnos Keltoi. The website has extensive information on past and future events. In Summer times, the village is open every weekend. besides typical workshops and music concerts, a variety of events is offered on the site, in addition to . It is also animated by living history groups groups from different periods, from the Neolithic to the Migration Period.

There is a very good cooperation with nearby museums: 
Archäologisches Museum Kelheim:
Römer- und Bajuwarenmuseum Kipfenberg:
Stadtmuseum Ingolstadt:


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