Felin Uchaf (UK)

Felin Uchaf is a centre for holistic education. It is a place where the nourishing link between human beings and their environment is promoted through practical work and by sharing.

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The centre hosts every year volunteers from all the world who actively contribute to the building of new eco-structures (such as the iron age roundhouse) and in taking care of the gardening and horticultural activities to support the centre. As well as providing the technical abilities to build and create objects with local material through workshops and training courses, the centre aims in giving an example of sustainabilty in a holistic way, taking into account also human heritage, community and spiritual needs.
The volunteers plan are structured to provide a well structured experience and are accomodated into iron age (re)constructed huts.
The main roundhouse is used constantly as a centre for the local community for cultural and artistic activities.


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