Parco Archeo Natura di Fiavé

The parco delle palafitte is nearly complete now, opening in June 2021: a journey into prehistory between archaeology and nature, discovering a UNESCO world heritage site, preserved in the Fiavé torbiera.

Open from

A fascinating and immersive time travel in the atmosphere of the villaggio palafitticolo di Fiavé will make possible to under stand our ancestors' life during Bronze Age. Fiavé is one of the 111 places, together with Ledro, part of palafitte preistoriche dell’arco alpino site; it is included in  the UNESCO world heritage from 2011.

The Parco Archeo Natura and the archaeological area together with the Museo delle Palafitte, found in an ancient rural building in the Fiavé village, constitute a real and polo archeologico, full of surprises for visitors of all ages. An invitation to adventure and exploration of  the past, along an engaging route including installazioni showing life during palafitte time, informative panels, a visitor centre with videos and multimedial devices, resting areas and spaces dedicated to families and little guests.


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