Fort Walla Walla Museum (US)

The Fort Walla Walla Museum comprises 15 acres of the Fort Walla Walla Park, and includes four exhibit halls and a 17-building pioneer village. The museum offers living history performances each season on weekends and children's programs.

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The exhibit halls include displays of military weapons and artifacts, tools, agricultural equipment, antique vehicles and firefighting vehicles, clothing and textiles.

Fort Walla Walla Museum provides archaeology services to help government agencies, private developers, and organizations meet requirements intended to mitigate impacts on cultural, historical, and archaeological resources.

The museum houses one of the nation’s largest collections of horse-era agricultural equipment, circa 1859-1930s.

The pioneer village includes several cabins, an outhouse, harness shop, blacksmith shop, schools, a jail, train depot, doctor's office and other structures.

1850's to 1900's

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