Fort Wilkins, Michigan Historical Center (US)

In the mid 19th century, Fort Wilkins was a U.S. Army post on the northern frontier. Experience what life was like for the fort's residents and for the lightkeepers at nearby Copper Harbor Lighthouse.

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Authentically restored to show the daily routine of military life as it was in 1869, this remote army post has a stockade that surrounds 19 buildings: kitchen and mess room, hospital, bakery, company quarters.

Living history can be a real highlight of a visit. You may come upon a soldier's wife doing the post's laundry, or the schoolteacher, or an officer and his wife. Most years re-enactors, convincingly act as if it is the summer of 1867. They stay in character as developed through historical research, using the language and accents of that time. Visitors can ask them about their life: where they're from, why they're in the army, what they eat, how long they work, how they spend free time.


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