Freilichtkomplex Stary Lud (DE)

In the small settlement, which belongs to the local museum Dissen, one dives in the life of the Slavic Middle Ages. This goes back centuries, when Slavs inhabited the present region of Brandenburg and in the Lausitz the tribes of the Lusitzer and Milzener were home. This section of the settlement was reconstructed according to the interpretations of archaeological finds from the region and beyond.

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A small settlement with five pit houses, which gives the impression that their inhabitants are on their way to the field. The weaver has set up the loom, dyed wool and clothes hang dry on the leash, and the potter has a half-finished pot on the potter’s table, in the sacred grove small sacrifices are laid down, and at the smithy the fire place still smokes. Times are peaceful, the weapons and the chain shirt are cleared away in the warrior's house. In all the pit houses one can see what was important for family life about 1000 years ago. An impressive backdrop for a very scientific project.

We take visitors from the Slavic Middle Age Event until Mid-October to the world of the ancient Slavs. Here one can understand our history with all our senses. During the days of the project and during special weekends, the visitors can try out old craftsmanship techniques or look over the shoulder of skilled craftspeople.

Text source: Museum Website
Photo source: Gerd Rattei

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