Hancock Shaker Village (US)

Hancock Shaker Village is a National Historic Landmark District in Hancock, Massachusetts that was established by Shakers in 1791.
The Shakers are a religious order who believe in pacifism, celibacy, communal living, and gender equality.

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Hancock Shaker Village brings the Shaker story to life and preserves it for future generations. Through this story we promote appreciation of the aesthetics, beliefs, achievements and controversies that have defined the Shaker experience in America.

Our vision is “to become a center for reflection on leading a principled life. The values that the Shakers embraced – equality, pacifism, community, sustainability, responsible land stewardship, innovation, simplicity, and quality in work – resonate for us today. Our programs and business practices reflect these values. We utilize our site and our collections to help the public engage with contemporary thinking on these values while learning about historical Shaker expressions of these principles in their work, worship and community.”

In the nineteenth century, Shaker worship included singing, shaking, and ecstatic dance, which is why they were called the "Shaking Quakers," or "Shakers." The utopian sect is renowned today for its plain architecture and furniture.

1791 - 1836

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