Historic Sauder Village (US)

At Sauder Village, create special memories with your family as you walk through time from 1803-1910. Visit historic homes and shops, smell foods cooking, try hands-on activities, and enjoy great shopping, while having fun in the past! As a destination of choice, Sauder Village offers guests experiences rich in history, hospitality, creativity, and fun.

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From the sheep shearing and planting in the spring to harvesting and preserving in the fall, every day at Historic Sauder Village is unique and special! Experience history up close as our costumed staff leads many activities and demonstrations of daily rural life in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Depending on the day and season, your visit may include hymn singing, demonstrations of old printing techniques, samples of a 19th century recipe or a chance to taste a homemade pickle or help with food preparation.


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