Howick House (UK)

After being discovered by amateur archaeologists, Howick site was intensively excavated and proved to be one of the most ancient permanent settlement of the island.

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A remarkable number of flint artefacts, charred nuts and the hut structure itself were infact radiocarbon dated to the mesolithic. Extensive research was also carried out to understand the environment at the time. The most remarkable fact was that the Howick house was inhabited for a hundred years, proving thus the capability of mesolithic hunter-gatherers to settle when the area had sufficient resources. Two distinct huts were (re)constructed after the excavation: one on the exact location of the excavation in Howick and another in the Maelmin Heritage Trail at Milfield, both in Northumberland.
The huts stood as free standing reconstructions and are of free access. They came down in 2012.


55.442457, -1.59239