Kanlıgeçit Open-Air Museum (TR)

Kanlıgeçit is an Early Bronze age site 500 m south of the Kırklareli town centre excavated from 1994 to 2006 by a joint project of İstanbul University and the German Archaeological Institute. The settlement was established ca. 3200 BC as a small Thracian village but transformed and redesigned in ca. 2400 BC as a citadel imitating Anatolian town model comprising of megaron type of buildings. The site is being redesigned as an open-air museum by modelling the megaron phase of the settlement.

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Kanlıgeçit is a reconstructed site; the excavated area has been covered by soil after the excavation had finished, and the buildings found, are re-built in the exact place in original size. The re-constructed buildings are not complete; they have been built as a half (some walls are a meter but most of them 50 to 70 cm high). Staff did not want to complete the upper part of the structures because of different reasons. The main reason was that the site is small and the buildings are next to each other, so it would be more understandable if the visitors observed the site form above via a tower.
The open-air museum is open to visitors during the excavation season, during other times by appointment with the local NGO (Kırklareli Kültür Varlıkları Derneği).


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