Keltendorf Steinbach (DE)

The Donnersberg has been an important Celtic oppidum north of the Alps, at 678 metres above sea level. The remains are still visible, and at a neighbouring hilltop, a village with six houses and a fortification has been constructed in 2004 the way it could have been like in the Iron Age.

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With a lively and ‘learning by doing’ presentation, cultural knowledge is communicated and the idea that in the old days, this area was Celtic is explained. The public is very diverse: children, elderly people, scientists, laypersons, visitors from abroad et cetera. The village is run by a small association but the organisation and marketing are done by the "Donnersberg-Touristik-Verband”. They book guided tours and the Child's Programme, organise meetings with the guides and artists, buy materials et cetera. Regular activities take place themed with skills and crafts. The oppidum itself can also be visited.


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