Keltendorf Sünna (DE)

The Rhön Mountains are a group of low mountains in central Germany. Around 600 BC, tops of hills and mountains were fortified. One of these settlements was found at the Öchsenberg.

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This top was the most northern in the Rhön Area and therefore from high strategic importance. Archaeological finds show how much this settlement was used in the Iron Age.
In 2003, tourism experts from the Thüringer Rhön came with the idea of setting up a Celtic Village. The already existing Keltenhotel was an ideal starting point. Construction work at the Öchsenberg started in 2004. When the village opened in August 2006, it consisted of an infocentre as well as:
- A gatehouse with a defensive tower and wooden palisades to enclose the area
- A longhouse and sanitary area
- Several crafts’ houses
- A roofed fireplace
Around the Celtic Village one can walk the “Keltenpfad”, a tour of about 17 km connecting the village with Vacha, Sünna, Völkershausen and Wölferbütt.

Image by Andreas Heid


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