Keltenhaus Ligist (AT)

The Dietenberg, 506 metres tall is rising about 100 metres above the Kainach valley. The mountain is very well defendable and has been inhabited since the 4th millennium BC. About 1000 BC, there was a large Urnfield culture village. At large terraces, in Celtic times, houses were built, one of which, dating to 100 BC as well as a road was excavated in 1976-1977.

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The house was 8x12 metres. The excavations were executed by Dr Diether Kramer of the Joanneum Graz – Abteilung für Vor- und Frühgeschichte. The original site is a monument now. In the vicinity, info tables are positioned and in 1987, halfway the Dietenberg a Celtic House was constructed, smaller than the original. Finances came from the municipalities Ligist and Krottendorf because of a so called Landesaustelung by the title “Coal and Glass” at the Bezirk Voitsberg. The house was constructed by the local Tourist Association, led by von Dkfm. Mag. Heinz Kürzl.

It is made as much as possible in the original style and technique with wattle and daub walls. You can find it next to Gasthof Schilcherhof. The house is mainly used with school groups, any tourists interested in visiting can get a tour if they are minimum 5 people. The interior depicts scenes from the life of the Iron Age inhabitants. The foundations of the house are made of stone, the floor was made of loam which is abundantly available in the neighbourhood.


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