Keltenhof Mackenzell (DE)

In 1998, archaeologists discovered a Hallstatt settlement in the Mackzell suburb of Hünfeld in East Hessen. The settlement dated to 700-800 BC and was excavated in the years 2000-2001.

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The excavated houses were very diverse in ways of construction but relatively small. Even the main building was under 10 metres. This was a farmer’s settlement with the occasional home-made pottery. The finds are exhibited at the Konrad-Zuse Museum in Hünfeld.
In 2007, two of these houses were reconstructed at the original site, partly financed by the European Union and the Foundation of the Sparkasse Bank Fulda. The houses convey a feeling for the dimensions and spaces; a subtle overall impression of a farm of the early Iron Age. The technically demonstrable or reconstructible technical possibilities for house construction are illustrated here.

Photo: Andreas Thiedmann


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