Keltenmuseum Hochdorf (DE)

In 1978, a very rich Celtic grave mound at Hochdorf, a few kilometres North of Stuttgart was the archaeological sensation of the year. It was a very rich grave of about 550 BC and contained grave goods one had not dreamed of before.

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Besides that, the preservation of organic material was exceptional. The metal objects partly came from the Mediterranean, other parts were locally repaired or made. The bronze cauldron is sensational in its size and detail, the bed / couch is very rich and these are just some of the objects.

The Keltenmuseum Hochdorf houses reconstructions of some of the most important items (no originals), presenting the history of the Celts in an accessible and effective way. In the museum garden, several dwellings are built showing the daily life of the Celts – ancient crafts are demonstrated at special occasions. The grave mound, reconstructed at its original spot, is at walking distance.


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