Keltisches Gehöft Stöffling (DE)

Seebruck has a Roman Museum showing finds of Bedaium, which used to be situated here, on the road between Salzburg and Augsburg. This show case museum offers events every now and then with living history. Around the museum, a 27 km long route connects locations of historical and archaeological interest.

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This road is especially fit for walking and cycling tourists. Besides a Roman grave field, at station 3, near Stöffling, one will find a little higher area pointing in east-west direction. At drainage works in 1966 – 1967, first Celtic artefacts came to light from a thick and large layer of a Latène settlement (3rd century BC): graphitton ceramics and animal bones. The site has been occupied since the early Urn field Times. The Iron Age settlement must have been 400 m x 150 m. Among others, 350 coins were discovered here, probably coins were produced here. A small Celtic area made out of 4 buildings has been recently constructed here: a living house, stable, a storage and a workshop together present Iron Age life in a hands on way. The village is open regularly. Important message here is to learn about construction techniques of the Celts. Sources of information are not only archaeology but as well Roman and Greek literary sources.

Picture by Hassia Celtica


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