Kjællinghøl Historisk Center (DK)

Between the Hjermind Forrest and the River Gudenå at Kællinghøl. You will find a historical centre which consists of a reconstructed Iron Age like longhouse (6th century AD, built in 2002), an oven house, workshops and shelters. This is in the middle of a nature reserve.

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Yearly, a Viking market takes place here. Kællinghøl is part of “Naturskolen i Viborg Kommune”, before 2007 it was known as the Gudenåprojektet. Goal is to give practical education in nature and technique and cultural history as well as offering possibilities for nature and cultural experiences for all.

School classes can come to visit this historic workshop when a guide will lead the pupils into the daily life of the early Viking Age. Activities involve food preparation and crafts work. The place can house a complete class of about 25, there is the chance to spend the night here. The dwellings all are based on singular excavations made available by the Viborg Stiftsmuseum. There is no experimentation, mainly education.


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